Slay at Home Digital Course

8 Week Workout Plan..

You'll receive...

-Digital download, and access

to the Slay at Home workout plan.

-8 weeks of strength training workouts, 5 days a week!

A focus on different muscle groups such as glutes, chest & triceps, back & biceps, legs, and shoulders!

-Downloadable PDF of workouts, and lifetime access to our video library that shows you how to do each workout!

-The basics of macronutrients.

-Our favorite (and EASY) meals with their macro breakdown! and MORE!

*NOTE: This program DOES NOT include ANY 1:1 coaching from the BYHN coaches. It is a digital download ONLY! live trainings, food ideas, and more.

Do you create meal plans?

We do not create specific meal plans- as they are restrictive and not something you'll be able to sustain long-term. Instead, we teach our clients how to eat for their goals, and help them plan their meals with their dietary needs/macros in mind. This has been incredibly valuable to our clients, as they feel confident meal prepping/planning on their own when they exit the program. We also equip our clients with plenty of meal planning/prep guides that are housed inside of BYHN Academy.

Do you accept HSA/FSA account payments?

Yes, we do! However, you may want to check with your insurance company to make sure that they will allow you to use your HSA/FSA account. Although we haven't had any insurance companies reject anyone before, it's still beyond our control what your insurance company will say.

How much does coaching cost?

Pricing is totally dependent on what route you go, as far as payment plans, 12 week program, 24 week program, private coaching, or group coaching! We are priced below industry standards for online coaching. In three years of being in business, we have never had anyone say that our program(s) weren't valuable, or that they felt that they didn't get their money's worth.

Is exercise a requirement when you enroll in coaching?

Nope, it's not! We have clients that workout 5x a week, and some that don't workout at all. We will work with clients on creating a movement/step goal & always encourage exercise, but it is not a requirement.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of our program, we do not offer refunds. Our coaches give everything they have to make sure each client's program is specific to their goals. When you enroll in coaching, you must understand the importance of committing to BYHN. If you are enrolling via payment plan, you must fulfill all of your payments otherwise legal action will be taken.

What happens if I don't see results?

If weight loss is your goal and you do not lose 5-15 pounds in 12 weeks, we will coach you for free until you do. That is how confident we are in our program.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes we do! Refer 5 people to us, and you'll get a FREE 12 week private coaching session. This is an AMAZING offer, that many of our clients have been able to take advantage. of already.

You’ve tried dieting a million times. Now it's time to try something different.

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